Real-Time GPS Tracking

Intuitive & Easy-to-Use Vehicle Recovery System Stops Crime In Its Tracks!

Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System Pinpoints a Stolen Vehicle’s Location within minutes

GPS tracking devices can be used to track people, vehicles and other assets, anywhere on Earth. Currently, there are 27 satellites orbiting the earth, 24 are operational, the other three will become operational if one of the satellites happen to fail. At any given time, there are at least three satellites that are visible in the sky from a location. These satellites then triangulate on the position of the GPS tracking device. By continuing to triangulate the coordinates at regular intervals, the satellites can determine the speed of an object, the distance traveled and how long it has been stationary.

Getting Started

An authorized trained Safelink Theft Recovery System specialist will install your chosen tracking system to your vehicle. The unit will be hidden, it's best thieves do not know it is there so they won't try to find or remove it.

If your vehicle is stolen

In the event of a theft you should contact the police and Safelink Theft Recovery System. Once we have the crime reference number, we will activate the tracking unit to begin transmitting a unique signal that can be traced by police to help them find your vehicle. Some TRACKER products are automatically triggered by unauthorized movement of your vehicle; in this case we would contact you to confirm it has been stolen before activating the tracking unit.

Finding your vehicle

Safelink Theft Recovery System uses vehicle tracking solutions which combine sophisticated GPS tracking technology with flexible advanced mapping and reporting software. A GPS-enabled vehicle tracking device is installed on each vehicle to collect and transmit tracking data via a satellite network which delivers real time precise location and coordinates of your vehicle. Unlike other theft recovery products, Safelink Theft Recovery devise can pinpoint the exact location of the stolen vehicle to help authorities quickly recover it.

Nationwide coverage

It is common for thieves to try and smuggle stolen vehicles out of state but as Safelink Theft Recovery System operates across the Nation your asset can be located and recovered even if it has crossed state lines.

Getting your vehicle back

Vehicles can be recovered and returned to you from anywhere across the United States. We can even offer a guard service to stay with your vehicle until it is returned to your destination of choice. For vehicles recovered in United States, Safelink Theft Recovery System has partners that can organize repatriation at an additional cost.

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