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Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery

Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System combines the power of Cellular and GPS Global Positioning Satellite technology to provide true coast to coast global tracking capability. If your vehicle were stolen, Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System will locate it and work with law enforcement to quickly recover it. Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System even works if thieves disconnect your battery!

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Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery

Make Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System a part of your Successful Sales Strategy

Our GPS Tracking System will give every opportunity to grow sales, add revenue and increase your dealerships profitability.

Give your customers more options

Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System makes tracking vehicles super easy and offers solutions that will help you sell more vehicles to more customers

Pre-Owned Reduction of risks and costs

Effectively increase profits on pre-owned vehicles by reducing your loss rates

Auto dealers often find that they can protect their vehicles by using GPS tracking devices. Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System Data Module uses the most advanced GPS technology that can give you real-time updates vehicle locations. This cost-effective management tool could make your business more profitable and competitive.

GPS Tracking for Car Dealers Keeps Vehicles Safe

Safelink Theft Recovery System GPS tracking system for auto dealers adds security to your dealerships. When you install auto dealer GPS tracking systems in your cars, trucks, and vans.

GPS Tracking for Car Dealers Improve Efficiency for you

When you offer efficient services to your customers, you can earn a good reputation that encourages more people to shop at your dealership

According to the FBI, a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States every 44 seconds.


Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System Advantage

Why Should You Use Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System GPS Tracking?

Find Your Vehicle

Our GPS Vehicle Recovery System provides pinpoint accuracy of your vehicle’s location within minutes.

Cost Efficient

Our product benefits your customer as well as the dealerships with a One-time cost - ZERO monthly fees!

Insurance Discount Savings

By having Safelink Theft Recovery System Vehicle Recovery System, you may qualify for car insurance discounts.

Emergency Call Center

We are available 24/7/365 for stolen vehicle recovery assistance. If your Vehicle is stolen, the call center will assist in notifying your local authority for you.

Best GPS Technology

Unlike most other GPS devices, it has no external antenna, so it is completely invisible to thieves.

Product Guarantee

If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, we offer a money back guarantee! *See terms & conditions


What is GPS?
GPS stands for “Global Positioning System.” The system was originally developed for military use, but is now available to the general public to aid in everyday navigation.
Is Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System vehicle recovery system easy to Install?
Since the system is wireless the entire installation process should only take a couple of minutes.
What insurances and guarantees do you provide?
We are so confident that the Safelink Theft Recovery System is your best line of defense against auto theft, that we stand behind it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee! *See terms & conditions

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