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What Makes Us Different

Sold in auto dealerships across the United States, Safelink Theft Recovery GPS vehicle tracking products are after-market add on opportunities for car and power sport dealers that provide consumers with stolen vehicle theft recovery and driver tracking.
  • NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES: Safelink Theft Recovery GPS vehicle tracking service belongs to your customers for as long as you they own the vehicle with no strings attached. No monthly or yearly “upkeep” fees and no hidden fees, guaranteed.
  • COAST-TO-COAST COVERAGE: With advanced cellular communication technologies, Safelink Theft Recovery offers virtually 100% vehicle tracking and locator coverage within the continental USA, greatly improving the chance of a quick vehicle recovery. *See terms & conditions
  • 24/7 Theft Protection: As soon as a vehicle goes missing, Safelink Theft Recovery advisors coordinate with law enforcement agencies providing vehicle location and route tracking intelligence. Advisors are ready nights, weekends and holidays.

You Should Know

Drive Profits with Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery GPS
  • Industry-Leading GPS Technology Helps Drive Purchase
  • Increases Vehicle Gross Profit
  • Low Upfront Investment
  • Strong Revenue Stream Including Parts and Service
  • Ongoing Consultation, Training and Tools to Help You Grow Sales
  • Helps Build Customer Loyalty
No Subscription Fees
  • Comprehensive Inventory Management Backed by GPS Data
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Lot Management & Security Tools
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Demo Analysis
  • DMS Integration
Coast-to-Coast Coverage
  • Industry-Leading Stolen Vehicle Recovery – Average 26 Minutes
  • By having Safelink Wireless Theft Recovery System Vehicle Recovery System you may qualify for car insurance discounts.
  • Alerts for Speeding, Low Battery and GeoFence
  • GPS Vehicle Location 24/7 on a Smart Phone, Tablet or Desktop

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